Webinar Replay - How can a data catalog help you turn your data into a business asset?

If you missed our recent webinar, "How can a Data Catalog help you turn your data into a business asset?" you're in luck! The replay is now available, offering you a second chance to gain valuable insights into the pivotal role a Data Catalog plays in data governance. This comprehensive session delves into the common pitfalls of Data Catalog implementation and reveals the key success factors, along with our proven methodology for achieving a successful implementation.

What you will discover in this replay

During the replay, you'll discover the three crucial signs that indicate the need for a Data Catalog to effectively manage your data as a business asset. Our experts also walk you through the five essential steps to implement a Data Catalog, ensuring optimal management and utilization of your data. This webinar is packed with practical knowledge and strategies that can transform your approach to data governance. Don't miss out on this opportunity to catch up on what you missed and elevate your data management practices.

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This webinar was recorded in May 2024 and presented by Julien Tagnon, Data Governance expert and Gabin Flourac, Data Governance Consultant