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We are digital natives, with innovation at the core of our business, which makes us a reliable partner close to our customers, leading them in their digital transformation challenges. Within Orange Business, our customers trust us for delivering end-to-end, sovereign and sustainable solutions to turn their Operational Experience, Employee Experience and Customer Experience into business value.

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What if you could make digital the key to your transformation?

Our Case Studies

PayEx specializes in invoicing - financing and payment services thumb

PayEx Kubernetes payment solution delivers new secure services faster

PayEx specializes in invoicing, financing and payment services. It was looking for a cloud solution that could help it deploy innovative payment services in a reliable, scalable and secure way to meet changing customer needs for high availability.

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Carrefour Belgium Partners with Google Cloud and Orange Business to Enhance Customer Engagement

Employing 11,000 staff members across 700 stores and generating €4 billion in revenue, Carrefour Belgium stands as a prominent retail powerhouse in Belgium. Within a fiercely competitive industry, the company aimed to leverage its data for improved customer comprehension and communication

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Smart charging services: enabling fast growth for green mobility

What happens when a former oil industry supplier becomes a major contributor to the electric vehicle movement? With Orange Business on board, Zaptec is revolutionizing electric car charging.

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How the Customer Engagement Platform helped the TEC to increase their customer knowledge and customer satisfaction

How the Customer Engagement Platform helped the TEC to increase their customer knowledge and customer satisfaction

The TEC is the public transport operator in the Walloon Region and one of the key players in mobility, economic, social & sustainable development in Belgium. With 5.534 employees in total, the TEC covers 5 different regions through 778 lines with a total of 2.500 buses & trams.

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Meet the team

Data Scientist
As I was in the Data chapter, I had trainings related to Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Visualisation which allowed me to learn a lof of new technologies & tools.
Systems Consultant
In my position as a Systems Consultant at Orange Business, I have the perfect balance of responsibility, development and fun.
Customer Engagement
We have very data-oriented missions with the opportunity to use the latest tools & technologies. Besides, it's often quite diverse team members that are working within a same mission.
CRM Consultant
I chose to enter the CRM faction and during the Digital Academy, I worked on Microsoft Dynamics using PowerApps. I was ready and had good level to start at the client.
Untitled design (32).png
Solution Architect
Orange Business empowers me by providing me with the tools, resources, and the freedom to turn my professional dreams into reality.
Roudy ,
BI Consulting
I can say that at Orange Business, we work in a unique blend of culture that embraces flexibility and diversity of thoughts. The entire team including managers are transparent and always ready to help. And I have been consistently provided ample opportunities to sharpen, diversify my skills and to grow professionally and individually. I am happy and proud to be part of the Orange Business family.
Data Engineer
We are working with tools to integrate Data so that they can be further analyzed by Data scientists or data analysts. But since my work is also a leading position, I also have quite a lot of tasks. I collaborate with the clients & manage the team too.
Jean Philippe.png
Data Artist
My experience working at Orange Business has been a very and is still an enriching and rewarding one! Coming from a non-consulting background, I did have some doubts in mind initially, however all my worries were laid to rest within the first few days of joining the company. I’ve been working for almost 4 years at Orange Business and its gratifying to see the way we have evolved and expanded and continue to grow more and more.
Simon - Data engineer.png
Data Engineer
When you join Orange Business as a junior you start your career path with a Data bootcamp. This six-week training course, prepares all junior newcomers to be comfortable & ready when they start working at the client.
Digital Solution Consultant
Integrating Orange Business allowed me to take part of the most topical expertise domain : Digital transformation. It was a true opportunity to deep dive into the heart of this evolution! And this is only the beginning.
Orange Business is a company really open to remote working, that it showed me from our first contact. It was key in my decision, in addition to offering me a great challenge that I gladly accepted. Orange Business Spain team gives you an incredible support. All my colleagues are willing to share knowledge, in addition to having several training courses and the possibility of turning to your colleagues in case you need any specific support.
It's cool to have so many options to increase my knowledge!