Webinar Replay - How to become a data-centric company?

Many figures show that all companies are not data-centric and they do not exploit fully their data, approximately 20% of exploited data is business critical. Data is at the heart of all company’s business model but how to use fully the business data assets? How to increase the usage of data?

Data-Centric or Data-Driven?

There is a distinction to make between these two common terms before going further. When we talk about being “Data-driven” it means acquiring and analyzing data to make better decision. However, being “Data-Centric” is when you put data at the heart of your company’s business strategy. It’s clear that being Data-centric rather than “Data-driven” is more important today for companies.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • What does it mean to “transform data into value”?
  • What does “data-centric” for a company mean?
  • How do traditional companies implement their Data strategy?
  • What are the challenges, successes & failures for businesses to become data-centric?
  • Some best practices to remember
Our two experts shared some best practices, the common challenges, successes and failures to become data-centric in this 40 minute webinar you can watch in replay.
This webinar is presented by Benjamin Protais, Tribe Lead Data Management Europe at Business & Decision and Pierrick Reglioni, Data Manager & Deputy Tribe Lead Data Management Europe at Business & Decision.