Data Governance: Roles and Responsibilities for NGOs

In our upcoming webinar specifically designed for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), we will:

1. Cover Data Governance Basics for NGOs:

We will review a framework tailored to managing data for NGOs, including data quality, data protection, and data lifecycle management.

2. Highlight Key Roles in for Data Governance:

We will cover the following roles and their roles in aligning data and its management with the organization’s mission and goals

  • Data Owner
  • Data Steward
  • The Chief Data Officer (CDO)
  • The Data Governance Committee
  • Data Custodian

3. Discuss Benefits for NGOs:

Implementing data governance within NGOs leads to improved data quality, transparency, and accountability, ensuring the NGO's mission is achieved effectively.

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Colleen Wells             Etienne Michaud
Colleen Wells
Etienne Michaud
Data Governance Expert
Chief Counsel at the Global Fund. 

This webinar will be presented by Colleen Wells, Data Governance expert at Orange Business and Etienne Michaud, Chief Counsel at the Global Fund. 

Etienne, along with his other duties as Chief Counsel, is the legal advisor to the Data Governance Committee at the Global Fund. He will be talking about his experience working alongside Data Owners, Data Stewards and Data Governance Committee Representatives in the development of among other things,  data sharing agreements with 3rd parties.