Data Quality for NGOs

In our upcoming webinar, "Data Quality for NGOs," we will explore the vital role of high-quality data Orange Business, a leading global consulting and systems integration group, has been at the forefront of data governance solutions for 20 years. Leveraging our experience of working with NGOs on all aspects of data management, Orange Business has developed a Data Quality Improvement Framework for NGOs specifically addressing the need for clean, accurate, and reliable data for NGOs to drive impact, make informed decisions, and effectively fulfil their missions.

Key Topics to be Covered:

  1. Understanding Data Quality: An introduction to the definition, concepts and importance of data quality as well as common challenges faced by NGOs in maintaining data quality.
  2. Data Governance:  An integrated approach that brings together good data governance with data quality best practices is essential.
  3. A Data Quality Improvement Framework for NGOs: A comprehensive approach to Data Quality at NGOs including implementation best practices, monitoring and continuous improvement.
  4. Orange Business Experience in improving Data Quality at NGOs: A look at some real-life examples of NGOs successfully improving data quality along with a discussion of best practices and lessons learned.

In the modern NGO landscape, data quality is not just a desirable attribute; it is a necessity. Accurate and reliable data can be instrumental in helping NGOs achieve their missions, measure impact, and build trust with stakeholders. The intention of this webinar is to provide best practices so NGOs can better navigate the challenges of data quality and, ultimately, create more effective and impactful programs and initiatives.

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