Empowering Change - Developing a Data Strategy for NGOs

Join us for the upcoming webinar, "Empowering Change: Developing a Data Strategy for NGOs." In this insightful session, we'll explore how data can empower NGOs to enhance their impact and drive positive change.

Drawing on our experience collaborating with NGOs, Orange Business' data experts will guide you through the process of crafting a data strategy tailored to the unique needs of NGOs. 


Key Topics to be Covered:

1. The Power of Data for NGOs: Understand the role of data in NGOs and how it can transform your organization's operations and mission fulfilment.

2. Developing Your Data Strategy: Learn the essential components of a data strategy: one that aligns with your organizational strategy and sets clear objectives for data collection, analysis, and governance.

3. Overcoming Implementation Challenges: Discover practical solutions to common implementation challenges faced by NGOs, including limited resources and data quality issues.

4. Data Governance: Explore the vital role of data governance in ensuring data quality, privacy, and security within your NGO's operations.

5. Continuous Improvement: Embrace the concept of a flexible and adaptive data strategy with room for ongoing improvement based on feedback and changing circumstances.

Don't miss this opportunity to empower your NGO with a data strategy that can make a real difference in your mission and the communities you serve. Join us for "Empowering Change: Developing a Data Strategy for NGOs" and take the first step toward data-driven impact.

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