How can a data catalog help you turn your data into a business asset?

Join our insightful webinar on " Ensuring Success in Data Catalog Implementation" as we delve into the crucial role of a Data Catalog in data governance. Discover the common pitfalls in Data Catalog implementation and learn key success factors, as we unveil our methodology for a successful implementation.

  • The 3 signs that you need a Data Catalog to manage your data as a business asset.

  • The 5 steps to implementing a Data Catalog and ensuring optimal management of your data


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Julien Tagnon             Gabin Flourac
Julien Tagnon
Gabin Flourac
Data Governance Expert
Data Governance Expert

This webinar will be presented by Julien Tagnon and Gabin Flourac, Data Governance experts at Orange Business.

Julien has two decades of expertise in Data governance. Julien is a seasoned leader heading the Strategy and Data Governance faction in the Geneva office. His extensive experience shapes strategic initiatives, driving effective data governance solutions for optimal organizational outcomes.

Gabin is specialized in data catalogs. Gabin is a Data Governance consultant, helping organizations on the road to greater data centricity, so they can make the most of their data. Among other assignments, Gabin is currently supporting a watchmaker in its implementation of a data governance.

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