Data Architecture + Data Governance: the winning alliance

Let's win the Data Mesh battle!

In today's data-driven world, companies are facing a continuous challenge in managing and utilizing their data effectively. For 40 years, this challenge has only become more and more crucial for companies, leading to a never ending fighting between IT and Business departments as each struggle to control the flow and use of data.  


But what if we told you there's a solution that brings these two silos together and helps you win the battle?

When Data Architecture & Data Governance Team Up, Watch Out! 

Join us on the 16/03 and enter the superheroes of the data world with Data Governance and Data Architecture. When combined, these two teams have the power to break down the barriers between IT and Business to create a collaborative data-driven culture. This is where the concept of a Data Mesh comes in, offering a fresh approach to data management that leverages the strengths of Data Governance and Data Architecture to optimize the value for business department accelerating the time to deliver and at the end time to value. 


In this webinar, we'll explore the different challenges that the Data Mesh vision has brought to light. From siloed data to conflicting priorities, we'll examine the obstacles that companies face in their quest to effectively manage and use their data. 


Our team of Data superheroes:

Benjamin Protais 150x150         Pierrick Reglioni         150x150 Julien Tagnon.png


Benjamin Protais

Data Expert



Pierrick Reglioni

Data Architecture Expert



Julien Tagnon

Data Governance Expert

4 reasons to join the webinar:  

- Tackle the challenges posed by Data Mesh that many companies are facing 

- Understand how technically, organizationally, and structurally Data Governance & Data Architecture MUST work together 

- Discover the full potential and benefits of combining Data Governance & Data Architecture effectively 

- Meet Real-Life Data Superheroes for once!