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With the explosion in data volume and its variety of uses, data platforms have undergone a remarkable evolution since the late 90s, progressing from traditional BI system to Cloud lakehouses. It is now more important than ever for companies to build an architecture that optimizes organizations’ information assets.  


Modern data platforms fully leverage the potential of analytical datasets and real-time events, exploiting the power of datalakes, cost-effective storage, and the scalability of cloud computing. 


To take advantage of these capabilities, the data platform's architecture, technological components, and, above all, its alignment with business use cases play a pivotal role. All these key enablers work together to transform raw data into integrated data products, leading to actionable insights and predictive foresights for companies.


Our customer references


Data Analysis contributes to Safe & Efficient Shipping in the Port of Antwerp

The Port of Antwerp is responsible for the infrastructure and organisation of the second largest port in Europe, and the port with the largest lock in the world. Every year its staff successfully oversee the voyages and visits of up to 15 000 sea-going ships and 60 000 inland vessels

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How Cloud Data Platform enables critical data workloads

Paradigm is the regional operator for digital transition and technological innovation, at the service of the public administrations of the Brussels-Capital Region and for the benefit of citizens.

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Empowering business success with our modern data platform framework

To be clear, the advantages for businesses translate into tangible gains: boosted scalability, reduced data latency, streamlined cost efficiency, elevated data quality, flexible data processing, future-proofed architecture, and innovatively eco-conscious data platforms. These milestones present a significant challenge for all companies in the foreseeable future. 

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Why choose Orange Business?

  • Expediting timelines

    Expediting timelines

    Expediting timelines

    Utilizing advanced accelerators, operational frameworks, and a team of European experts, we propel large-scale data projects swiftly, ensuring prompt results and enhanced ROI.

  • Enhancing value for businesses

    Enhancing value for businesses

    Enhancing value for businesses

    By refining the technical landscape, our core goal is to unlock enhanced business value. This leads to improved, informed decision-making driven by reliable data, nurturing efficiency and business success.