Customer Journey & Process Automation

In today's competitive market, combining Customer Journey and Process Automation is essential. By definition, the customer journey encompasses the entire route from the very first interaction to the ultimate purchase, embracing emotions and decision-making along the way. Process Automation employs technology, such as RPA and software tools, to efficiently manage repetitive tasks within business processes. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also facilitates the collection and analysis of data, providing invaluable insights into customer behavior and preferences. 
Customer Journey and Process Automation go hand in hand. They both have one goal: making customers happy and businesses more efficient. Automating parts of the Customer Journey, like sending personalized emails and providing instant support, helps boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. It also saves time and resources. When businesses automate tasks like data entry and invoicing, they cut costs and reduce errors, freeing up employees to focus on creative and strategic work. 

Our customer references


Dynamic webshop for the Belgian Federal Public Service Finance

The Belgian Federal Public Service Finance was looking to implement a new webshop with an integrated auction module.

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Clarins Group works smoother with a powerful Central Customer Data Hub

Clarins is a family-run French multinational cosmetics company, operating in over 150 countries and is Europe's number one luxury skincare brand

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Customer Data Hub for real-time communication

Thalys is a French-Belgian high-speed train operator in France, Belgium, German & the Netherlands.

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Navigating the Complexities of Omnichannel Customer Journey and Process Automation

 Customer Journey and Process Automation are not only important but also essential for businesses in the competitive and dynamic market. They can help businesses gain a deeper understanding of their customers, deliver better value propositions, and achieve higher efficiency and profitability.

Why choose Orange Business?

Orange Business is a global provider of digital solutions that aims to improve the customer experience through interactions.

  • Cognitive omnichannel customer experience

    Cognitive omnichannel customer experience

    We enhance customer satisfaction and cognitive experiences to boost responsiveness by leveraging AI, analytics, and automation. Our goal is to deliver personalized and consistent interactions across all communication channels.

  • Digital omnipresence and data value creation

    Digital omnipresence and data value creation

    We assist businesses in establishing a digital presence across all their operations, ensuring a uniform customer experience at every touchpoint. We harness the power of data to optimize these interactions and extract value from customer data.

  • Human interaction at the right time

    Human interaction at the right time

    We gauge the emotions and responses of both customers and employees to strike the perfect balance between technology and personal contact. Our approach simplifies and orchestrates interactions, streamlining processes, and enhancing efficiency and relational significance.

  • Strategic partnerships

    Strategic partnerships

    Orange Business has partnerships, expertise, and experience in delivering customer experience excellence with various technology partners, such as Adobe, Microsoft Dynamics, NICE, Genesys, etc.