Real-Time Customer Data

Gaining a comprehensive 360-degree customer perspective has long been instrumental in driving profitable CX initiatives. The ability to uniquely identify individuals and deliver pertinent, captivating interactions based on their historical behaviors, purchase patterns, and preferences across various channels and locations is paramount.

Yet, the conventional static 360-degree approach falls short of meeting modern customer expectations and optimizing operational efficiency. To excel, companies need real-time customer profiles to fuel their omnichannel strategy. 


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How to improve customer relations using customer DNA at Carrefour

Consumers have an abundance of choice today, and retailers must ensure they have the right experience in-store but also persuade them to return time & time again. Carrefour was looking to be supported in their Omnichannel customer vision.

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Face the challenges of Real Time Customer Data

A clear approach to real time customer 360

To address this challenge effectively, organizations must establish a well-defined approach for achieving a comprehensive real-time 360° perspective. A key success driver of such a strategy lies in dismantling organizational silos and harmonizing their omnichannel business strategy with their customer data strategy.   

It's worth noting that a company's omnichannel aspirations not only dictate the requisite data but also its purpose, accessibility, and intended audience. This alignment serves as a critical milestone in a successful customer data strategy and can be used as a guiding framework for shaping the entire CX ecosystem. Furthermore, it offers invaluable guidance in selecting the optimal technical approach for real-time customer data management.  

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    Proven-Track Record

    We have established a solid foundation of referrals in the realm of real-time customer data. This has been achieved through a combination of a buy-and-build approach and close collaborations with our valued partners.

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    Broad Industry Expertise

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