Global Digital Transformation & Customer Experience Summit

We are thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming Global Digital Transformation Customer Experience Summit, which will take place on April 13th and 14th at the Mercure Hotel in Amsterdam.

On April 13th at 11:00, we will be holding a presentation in partnership with Pointillist by Genesis. Our CX experts, Yves Van Den Brande and Emmanuel Garcin, will be discussing the importance of customer journey analytics in achieving true customer-centricity.

Summit Introduction

Digital transformation is a permanent state of evolution which is forcing companies to change their business models and adapt to the new market reality. Moving your company forward in the wake of the post-pandemic era has now become more essential than ever.

In a world of AI, automation and new channels, what do your customers really want? In a digitally transformed economy, customers are empowered to make the rules, engage on their own terms and challenge organizations with the most complex of expectations. What does the future of CX look like with this in mind?

Generate value for your business by embedding digital DNA and expediting your company’s successful transformation with Conferenzia World‘s Global Digital Transformation & Customer Experience Summit 2023 in Amsterdam. Join us to adopt innovative technology to keep up with the new “always-connected” customer and deliver an unmatched customer experience.

Key Topics

• Customer Experience in the Age of AI
• How to personalize CX and ensure the data protection
• Increasing organizational efficiency by empowering
customers with self-service
• Create a digital strategy that prioritizes UX across all platforms
• Using IOT to improving the digital customer experience
• Data literacy as an accelerator of digital transformation at Ikea



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Our presentation will cover the following points:

•The goals that CX leaders aim to achieve when measuring CX
• The challenges of balancing customer experience and cost reduction
• The benefits and business impacts of visualizing, analyzing, and optimizing customer journeys at scale
• Practical advice for businesses looking to improve their omnichannel customer experience

If you are at the summit, be sure to attend our presentation and visit our stand! We cannot wait to share our insights with you! 


Emmanuel Garcin
VP Pointillist EMEA/APAC Sales       

Yves Van Den Brande
Business & Decision
Director CX Solutions