Heliview Data Driven Business

Data Driven Businesses are able to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the market. But how can you organise and analyse data within your organisation?
And how do you transform into a data driven business? It is not only important to understand the importance of data quality and governance. But it’s also key to drive a data strategy that is aligned with your business strategy. But what do you need to know about data before you start AI?What are the legal and ethical aspects? And how can you respond in a rapid changing world?

All these questions will be answered by industry experts and thought leaders via talkshows, interviews, live interactive sessions and videotalks whenever and wherever you want.

Register for the event and you will have unlimited access to our on demand platform for 30 days where you can watch 20-minute TALKS (interviews, presentations and TALK shows), schedule one-to-one meetings with specialists from our partners and participate in interactive LIVE sessions (round tables, webinars and workshops). Make sure you register for the event in time to ensure your spot at the LIVE sessions because spots are limited!

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