Customer Data Hub for real-time communication

Thalys is a French-Belgian high-speed train operator in France, Belgium, German & the Netherlands.

Thalys wanted to better understand its customers. They were looking for a solution to centralize customer information, to create a 360° customer view across brands & channels. They also wanted to be supported regarding their campaign management. 

Orange Business helped Thalys to take ownership of their data and to achieve a complete 360° view of their customers in order to support its growth with the creation of a powerful customer data hub tailored to the client need and the implementation of a campaign management tool (Adobe Campaign). 

  • efficient & time-saving campaign management tool 
  • better customer knowledge 
  • better way to reach & engage with customers by offering personalized services  & tailored information.
    All the travellers know where they are travelling to and have the right tools to act on this valuable information in the smartest way possible.