How the Customer Engagement Platform helped the TEC to increase their customer knowledge and customer satisfaction

The TEC is the public transport operator in the Walloon Region and one of the key players in mobility, economic, social & sustainable development in Belgium. With 5.534 employees in total, the TEC covers 5 different regions through 778 lines with a total of 2.500 buses & trams.

Operating in 5 regions includes to deal with 5 different regional organisations, 820 workers, 1.282 employees and 3.432 drivers. This structure created some communications silos and can therefore ultimately impact the customers/passengers.   

In 2014, the TEC launched the “Go Digital” program, which has evolved in 2023 in the “2023-2026 customer strategy”. This program includes all the projects aiming at digitalizing and improving customer experience with TEC throughout its journey : from finding passenger information, to buying ticket, having access to real-time timetable at the stop, in the bus or on the digital app, to after-sales services and claims.  The implementation of a Global Customer Service Relationship Platform plays a big role in this new strategy as it allows cross-communication with the customer and improve customer services. 

The CRM addresses the third battle of the “2023-2026 customer strategy”, which is to increase and consolidate TEC's customer base. The dual objective is: 

  • Improve customer knowledge through more refined use of data. 

  • Build loyalty and consolidate the customer base. 

The standard and consolidated platform will facilitate the centralisation, synchronisation, communication and follow-up with customers’ aftersales, complaints and frauds. The main idea is to have a complete 360-degree view about the customer through different channels (Web, Apps, Social Networks, Email, Mails) and increase the overall customer satisfaction. 

Orange Business supports the TEC in their full digital transformation journey and implemented the platform in Dynamics & Adobe.   

Consolidate the customer view & customer interactions at the TEC

This CRM database includes customers historical data (commercial, technical or information requests, purchases, complaints, and purchase habits, frauds follow-up) as well as their feedback survey following any request.   
This centralized customer database allows the TEC:  

  • to better follow up any request from any channels for each of their customer easily.   
  • to gain a better understanding on their passenger journey (consolidated payments views…)  
  • to improve the transversal sales processes & sales strategy (leads opportunity & contract management)
  • to improve internal processes (as all the database has been made available to all TEC internal users through multiple channels which includes the agents on the phone, desk agents, controllers, or agents on site with their tablet devices…)  

Empower the Sales & Marketing Strategy   

With Adobe Experience Cloud , the solution implemented allow the TEC:  

  • to better manage their different campaign (promotional, informative, traditional emailing or even reactive campaigns triggered by a specific event).  

  • to better track their e-reputation  

  • to alert & send pro-active alerting & notifications (strikes, delays, deviations)  

  • to personalize their product specific offers  

Overall, the customer services improvement has been improved thanks to:  

  • Automated qualification & treatment of the feedback process  
  • A follow up regarding the customer satisfaction survey with the feedback loop put in place  
  •  Personalized loyalty programs   
  • Standardization of the customer inbound and outbound communication channels
  • Customer intimacy improvement with targeted and personalized campaigns  

Additionally, to these developments, this can be followed and enhanced by some AI & Machine Learning projects. Thanks to predictive models the TEC could improve the campaign they are running, follow traffics and optimize the passenger journey ultimately.