Webinar Replay - Data Mesh or Data Mess: The missing pillars in the Data Mesh approach

Is Data Mesh a utopia? For two years now, the concept of Data Mesh has been seen as a revolution in the world of data since it would fill the gaps when it comes to data centralization on a platform. But in practice, the Data Mesh concept should not be considered as a key recipe and rather like a evolutionary step for companies.

What you will learn in this webinar:


  • The 360° view on what is Data Mesh and why this approach is an evolutionary step toward data-driven company.
  • The 2 missing pillars to make Data Mesh a true socio-technical and sustainable approach.
  • Where to start and the mistakes to avoid when you want to get started with Data Mesh.
Let’s avoid any “Data Mess” for your company and learn the mistakes to avoid when you want to start implementing Data Mesh. In this webinar, Benjamin Protais, Data Strategy Expert & Gerrit Denayer, Data expert, share a full overview of this decentralized socio-technical approach with some guidance for companies. This was recorded in January 2023 under Business & Decision brand which is now Orange Business.