Webinar Replay - Data Visualization: Cognitive load, the art of balance

The link between Cognitive load and Dashboard is more important than you think. Did you know that Cognitive load is linked to your brain and memory? It plays a key role when you are receiving information from a Dashboard. So how to use it wisely? In this on-demand webinar our Data Artist expert Jean-Philippe Favre go through some best practices and recommendation regarding Cognitive load to find the right balance for your Dashboard design.



Cognitive Load for an effective dashboard

Not taking care of cognitive load in your dashboard can have an impact on how your brain is receiving information. Dashboard design must be easily readable and not drop the reader attention with too many information. The main goal is in fact to reduce extra mental effort from the reader. So how to do that?

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What you will learn in this on-demand webinar:
  • What is cognitive load exactly?

  • Information processing

  • Some memory exercises

  • Best practices in dashboard design

This webinar was recorded in 2020 under Business & Decision brand newly branded Orange Business in 2023.