Becoming Digital

Digital Services is a business line within Orange Business, contributing to reliable and successful digital transformation for many organizations. We help organizations innovate in the areas of Cloud, Customer Experience, Digital Workspace and Data & AI. We accomplish this with expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and an innovative mindset.

We address your challenges

Customer Experience

Enhance customer experience through effective use of data.

Digital Workspace

digital workspace

Give employees a better working experience.

Data & AI

data & ai

Turn data into business value.



Increase your operational efficiency and business flexibility.

How we deliver

Sara Murby Forste

CEO, Digital Services business line

"Digital transformation happens when data, AI, cloud and workspace is leveraged to create business value, and this is what we are about!"

Our experience

  • +500

    Data experts

  • +250

    Sovereign and Public Cloud Experts 

  • +100

    Digital Workspace Experts

  • +50

    CX Experts

Our joint mission is to help customers innovate and drive their business strategies in key digital domains. We are digital natives, with innovation at the core of our business, which makes us a reliable partner close to our customers, leading you through all the digital transformation challenges. We support a wide range of industries in the private as well as the private sector.


As always with Orange Business, our customers trust us for delivering end-to-end, sovereign, and sustainable solutions to turn their Operational, Employee and Customer Experience into business value. Now as Orange Business we continue to build our customers’ trust and with our digital expertise, we will bring the company to be a leading network and digital integrator.

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Our expertise

Understanding and engaging with your customers is crucial. This requires access to data and turning insights into action, in an ongoing manner. We enhance your customer experience and increase your operational efficiency.

Real-Time Customer Data

Real-Time Customer Data Gain actionable customer data that drives decision, journey and recommendations with a customer 360 view for business users Discover

Customer Journey & Process Automation

Customer Journey & Process Automation Implement trustworthy, proactive and orchestrated experiences by automating your customer journey and CX processes Discover

Profitable Experience

Profitable Experience Gain deeper insights into your customer behaviors and make better-informed business decisions using advanced analytics and data visualization Discover

Omni-Channel Engagements

Omni-Channel Engagements Create a seamless customer experience across multiple channels leveraging the user experience Discover
Today’s employees require modern ways of working and supporting tools. Digital workspace increases employee engagement, productivity and enables staff to be their best professional selves. We support digital workspace lifecycles from implementation to management.

Digital Employee Experience

Digital Employee Experience Optimizing the Digital Employee Experience is crucial, fostering collaboration, and boosting overall operational efficiency. This aligns technology with the workforce, ensuring a harmonious blend where tech serves and elevates the employee journey in today's digital age. Discover

Performance Validation

Performance Validation Ensuring your digital workspace operates at peak efficiency is vital, confirming that technologies not only meet operational needs while also maintaining an edge in a competitive business landscape. Discover

Strategic Roadmapping

Strategic Roadmapping A strategic roadmap is essential for navigating the complexities of the digital workspace, guiding seamless transitions and ensuring a future-proof approach to technological innovation and operational excellence. Discover

Workspace as a Service

Workspace as a Service Empower your employees with a flexible, always up-to-date and secure digital workspace, mitigating the burdens of system management and enabling IT to focus on strategic goals, fostering enhanced productivity and innovation. Discover

Workspace Security

Workspace Security Prioritize a secure digital workspace to safeguard all business information from online threats, ensuring both business continuity and the enduring trust of your customers, while also bolstering company reputation and reliability. Discover
In today’s competitive landscape, increasing efficiency, improving customer experience, making more insightful decisions, and sharpening your competitive edge, all require smart use of data and AI. We turn your data into valuable and actionable information.

Data Culture

Data Culture Foster a Data Culture where data is established, understood, valued and perceived as an asset by employees of your company. Discover

Data Strategy

Data Strategy Define how you will leverage Data and optimize the value of AI models making your company data-centric. Discover

Data Governance

Data Governance Define the ideal operating model to treat data as an invaluable asset, ensuring alignment to the Data strategy through animation of people, processes & tools. Discover

Data Platform

Data Platform Build a comprehensive, homogenous and well-architected Data information system, converting real-life experiences into accessible, reliable data for valuable insights Discover

Data Infrastructure

Data Infrastructure Implement a technical foundation ensuring optimized data transport, computation and storage. Discover

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Look beyond the hype, deploy AI at scale and create a positive impact. Discover

Data Visualization

Data Visualization Turn raw data into actionable insights through advanced dashboard design. Discover
In today’s digital world, increasing your IT operational efficiency, your business flexibility and at the same time, secure your data. We deliver cloud solutions that support your digital transformation.

Sovereign Cloud

Sovereign Cloud The regulatory landscape is changing on many levels, compliance and data-protection rules are top of mind for many of our customers. Companies must address data sovereignty and localization for each platform service they use and how they interconnect with other technologies in the organization, and of course, external parties. Discover

Public Cloud

Public Cloud Owing to our mission critical profile and testimonials from our customers, we are known for our strong set of multi-cloud competencies, helping you to achieve your business ambitions and outcomes. Discover

Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services Professionally managing applications and end-user services in complex environments is always challenging. For example, different systems and technologies are rarely optimized to interact. Discover