Data Mesh or Data Mess?

Data Mesh was clearly the buzzword in 2022, we even defined it as a 2022 top trends in AI & Data.

And like any trend: everyone talks about it without knowing how to apply it correctly. 


The promise of Data Mesh is a real dream for companies: it suggests a federated approach to maintain the best possible control over data assets and uses. Data Mesh is based on federated decentralization and redistribution of responsibilities, and all of this leads to a strong commitment from the company.


The missing pillars in the Data Mesh approach  

But behind the words there are both revolutionary concepts and deadly traps to avoid. Data Mesh implementation is based on four pillars:  

  • Data domains
  • Data as a product
  • Self-service Data Infrastructure as a Platform
  • Federated Data Governance

We still see today that many companies are struggling to implement this decentralized socio-technical approach. The truth is that there are two other key foundations who must also join these 4 fundamentals to truly harness the power of Data Mesh, according to our experts in Data Governance & Data Architecture. And that’s what this webinar is all about: give you a complete 360° vision of Data Mesh. 


In 40 minutes, Gerrit Denayer & Benjamin Protais, Data experts, will explain the Data Mesh approach and what are the missing parts to make its implementation a true success for your company.

4 reasons to join this webinar

  • To find out if Data Mesh is the right direction to take to gain value from your data
  • Where to start when implementing Data Mesh 
  • What are the common mistakes companies make with Data Mesh and how to avoid them by following the methodology offered by our Data experts 
  • The possibility to discover a practical use-case to explain the do’s & don’ts
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