PayEx Kubernetes payment solution delivers new secure services faster

PayEx specializes in invoicing, financing and payment services. It was looking for a cloud solution that could help it deploy innovative payment services in a reliable, scalable and secure way to meet changing customer needs for high availability.

This initiative is part of the company's continuous effort of looking for new ways to optimize and provide added business value, while increasing efficiencies and lowering the total cost of operations. In this instance, it wanted to scale the organization and deploy a new solution capable of modernizing its PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) service offered through 60,000+ terminal units.

For this project, PayEx turned to trusted partner Orange Business, an expert in managing PCI DSS platforms. 

As a financial company, PayEx must follow strict regulatory procedures defined by each operating country’s financial supervisory authority. These regulations have not advanced as fast as technology, which creates challenges when migrating to the cloud.

Although PayEx did not have any history of cloud implementations, it wanted to deploy its payment terminals in the cloud. They approached Orange to develop a cloud solution that would build trust and loyalty among PayEx’s customers, while adhering to financial regulations.

Experts within Orange looked at different solutions that would fit PayEx’s structure and platform operations, while staying aligned with existing on-premise processes. It settled on a public cloud solution in Microsoft Azure based on Kubernetes, an open-source containerization orchestration platform.

To deploy and manage the containerized applications, Orange offered a fully-managed Azure Kubernetes service with PCI DSS compliance. This provided continuous integration and delivery experience coupled with enterprise-grade security.

The architectural framework has been specifically designed to help PayEx deploy and operate the payment processing system and credit card handling solution in Microsoft Azure. The automation provided by the solution helps PayEx adopt Azure solutions, showcasing how to deploy a secure and compliant workload, while adhering to PCI DSS compliance standards.

Implementing the unique Kubernetes solution in Azure has enabled PayEx to strengthen its digital offering to stay at the forefront of its marketplace, continuing to create customer value for the future. The company is now looking at moving other operations to the cloud using container technology.

Helge Dahl

Helge Dahl

Business Architect at PayEx

"With Orange cloud, we can continue to deliver secure and innovative payment solutions with high service levels to our customers."

About the customer

PayEx Group is one of the leading companies in invoicing, financing, and payment services in the Nordics and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swedbank. The company employs approximately 750 people across its two business units: PayEx Ledger & Factoring and Swedbank Pay. PayEx Ledger & Factoring helps customers with various services within rating and billing, invoicing and ledger management, collection of debts, credit management and financing. Swedbank Pay offers complete payment solutions for stores and e-commerce.

  • 750 employees
  • 2 business units: PayEx Ledger & Factoring and Swedbank Pay