How to improve customer relations using customer DNA at Carrefour

Consumers have an abundance of choice today, and retailers must ensure they have the right experience in-store but also persuade them to return time & time again. Carrefour was looking to be supported in their Omnichannel customer vision.

Orange Business has collaborated with Carrefour in several areas to implement this Omnichannel project in order to:  

  • Improve customer engagement 
  • Provide 360° customer metrics  
  • Automate customer interactions 
  • Generate powerful analytics (complexity, volume) 
  • Work on personalized ads 

Business & Decision established a multidisciplinary team to support the existing teams in a number of areas: Big Data Analytics, Customer Engagement and CRM. The solutions implemented include: 

  • Cloud Big Data Platform 
  • Data APIs capabilities  
  • Analytical & Business Insights  
  • Real-time Data Warehousing 
  • Direct Campaign tool 

Which results in higher conversion rate, a minimization of IT intervention, a report from end-to-end customer behavior reports and a simplified marketing maintenance & optimization of content management.