Data Mesh: A Guide for Companies - White paper

A white paper to understand and apply the concepts of Data Mesh


There is huge interest in the Data Mesh project. And for a good very good reason: we finally have a comprehensive framework for valuing data at the enterprise level. This white paper offers a deep dive into the Data Mesh concept to understand the ins and outs and to get the keys to apply it to your organization.


Digital Services
The 4 pillars of Data Mesh
  • Data Domains
  • Data as a Product
  • Self-services Data Infrastructure as a Platform
  • Federated data governance

This white paper contains following sections:

  1. Data Mesh: the ultimate model for data-driven companies
  2. What is Data Mesh?
  3. Domains, products, platform, governance: the 4 pillars of Data Mesh
  4. Data domains: Data Mesh gives business domains powers
  5. Data Mesh: data is a product
  6. Data Infrastructure self-service as the technological driving force behind Data Mesh 
  7. Data Mesh: federated governance to guarantee efficiency
  8. Data Mesh: practical examples & feedback
  9. Data Mesh: a total data-driven model

This white paper offers you a deep dive into the concept of Data Mesh to understand the ins and outs and get the keys to apply it to your organisation. Written collaboratively by our experts, it responds to our mission of sharing knowledge to enable you to get full value from your data.

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