Data Ethics/AI Ethics: the 2 faces of a responsible future

Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of all attentions and concerns right now. Did you know that the real difficulty with Artificial Intelligence is not the algorithms, nor the design of the models but it is above all the Data! And yet, Data is increasingly distrusted today. How to solve that and produce trusted & ethical artificial intelligence? This is all the challenge of the white paper: “Data Ethics/ AI Ethics: the 2 faces of a responsible future.”

While the GDPR has provided a good practices framework for data protection, it is largely insufficient in terms of ethics for Artificial Intelligence. We often say “no Data, no AI”. But even worse with poor quality data: it is not possible to get reliable AI.



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What about unethical Data?

European Union is working to regulate the subject of AI, to require that “trustworthy AI” to be produced. If you want to produce “ethical, regulatory and trustworthy” artificial intelligences, download this white paper “Data Ethics/Ethical Data: the two faces of a responsible future” where we talk about transparency, algorithms explainability, controlling biases and automated decision, responsibility attribution in the era of Artificial Intelligence…


Prepare your Data for ethical exploitation by AI

This white paper reveals the 10 reasons Why you can’t produce ethical AI, mostly because of poor data quality. This is of course a prerequisite but it is not sufficient, you will agree that in AI, everything starts with the Data.


This publication includes numerous examples and best practices providing you the best advice to prepare data for its ethical exploitation by Artificial Intelligence.

Download the Whitepaper