Webinar Replay - Color in Dashboarding: a Love-Hate relationship

When it’s time to add some colors in your dashboards, it can easily get complicated to make the good choice for an understandable result by all. Colors have a strong impact on your dashboard, they have a meaning and need to be used wisely for an effective result.

How to choose the right colors for your dashboard?

We have all different perceptions when we talk about colors in dashboarding. You need to pay attention to your colors in your dashboards as they can distract your audience, draw too much attention or even interfere with a specific message. So how to overcome these challenges? Watch our on-demand webinar to learn our best practices on Dashboarding.

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What you will learn in this webinar:
  • Introduction about Color in Dashboarding
  • How to use Colors in your Dashboards
  • How to create correct colors association?
  • Resources you can use for your own Dashboard
In this on-demand webinar, Jean-Philippe Favre, Data Artist at Orange Business, will deep dive into colors in dashboarding.