Workspace as a Service

Enhancing Productivity with Workspace as a Service

Shifting to a digital workspace is now less of a choice and more of a must-have for businesses. Workspace as a Service (WaaS) plays a key role in this move, offering a digital workspace that fits different work styles and locations, making work smoother and more adaptable for everyone involved.

In the fight to attract and keep top talent, making sure employees have a good work experience is vital. But introducing hybrid work brings new challenges. A balance must be struck between offering flexibility and maintaining robust, secure, and cohesive digital work environments. Employees crave a seamless digital experience with the flexibility to work from any location, on any device, at any time.

For IT departments, the challenge doubles: ensuring consistent, secure, and reliable access to work environments, while also freeing up bandwidth to drive innovation in an ever-evolving technological landscape. Ensuring IT isn’t tangled in daily tech troubles, such as administrative tasks, and can pivot towards more strategic, innovative endeavors requires a rethinking of traditional workspace management models. And that’s where Workspace as a Service (WaaS) steps in, becoming a vital part of a modern business strategy.

Our Expertise: Tailoring Your Workspace to Modern Needs

Navigating the digital transformation and adapting to hybrid work styles can be complex, but our expertise in Workspace as a Service (WaaS) helps simplify this transition. We don’t just provide a service; we deliver a customized digital workspace designed to empower your teams wherever they choose to work, ensuring impeccable user experiences and safeguarding your vital company data.

Our tailored WaaS solutions are molded to fit your unique organizational needs, aligning with your IT strategy while eliminating unnecessary technical intricacies for both IT staff and employees. This means, your IT team gets to breathe, shifting their focus from constant firefighting to innovating and driving the business forward.

By strategically simplifying and securing your digital workspace, we pave the way for your business, not just to navigate but to thrive amid the evolving demands of the modern work environment. Together, let’s build a workspace that’s not just about managing IT but actively contributes to enhancing daily operations and job satisfaction.

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Orange Business

With over two decades of proven expertise and a team of more than 150 specialists, we excel in designing, building, and managing modern, digital workspace solutions, earning top accreditations from industry leaders like Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware. We stand as your trusted partner in digital workspace transformation, committed to making the complex simple, ensuring your digital workspace is not just a tool, but a catalyst, driving your business forward with confidence and resilience.

Why choose Orange Business

  • Enable Secure Hybrid Working

    Enable Secure Hybrid Working

    Experience effortless hybrid working with our service, offering secure and flexible solutions for office and remote work, enhancing work-life balance for the modern employee.

  • Unlock Business Focus with Simplified IT

    Unlock Business Focus with Simplified IT

    Choose a clear path to innovative growth by entrusting your digital workspace to our managed services. We ensure unwavering availability, optimal performance, and quality, affording your team the liberty to innovate and enhance primary business processes.

  • Continuous Workspace Innovation

    Continuous Workspace Innovation

    Craft a workspace that perpetually evolves with your organization. Our service contracts embed continuous innovation as a cornerstone, ensuring your technology not merely adapts, but proactively advances in tandem with your dynamic enterprise needs, optimizing cost-efficiency and elevating user satisfaction and productivity.

  • Unlock Financial Agility

    Unlock Financial Agility

    Optimize financial and operational agility in a rapidly-evolving business environment with our Workspace as a Service. Gain access to premium digital workspace solutions through our straightforward pay-as-you-go model, ensuring you utilize and pay for only what you need, all while avoiding substantial infrastructure investments.

  • Elevated Employee Experience

    Elevated Employee Experience

    Boost satisfaction and productivity with our Workspace as a Service, ensuring employees have easy and secure access to vital tools and resources.