Data Visualization

Every second, your organization generates a vast amount of data waiting to be unlocked. Effectively addressing those data provides the ability to transform raw numbers into a panoramic view of companies’ operations to take evidence based and data driven decisions.  

Financial control, carbon footprint management, production optimization, sales analysis, commercial forecasting, risk anticipation—these are just a few of the countless applications that can deliver substantial value to your business and/or customers with powerful dashboarding and associated tooling. 


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Data Visualization to improve Public Transport service

De Lijn is a Belgium public transportation company

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When it comes to making quick and effective business decisions, there are some important things to consider. 

  • First, when using dashboards, it's crucial to see data as a valuable business resource. This means understanding who's using the dashboard and what they expect to gain from it in terms of return on investment (ROI) when it comes to data projects. 
  • There are also some technical challenges to overcome, like dealing with large amounts of data, integrating different systems, and making sure the dashboards work smoothly. And let's not forget about other issues related to managing data, like how quickly it's processed and ensuring its quality. 

By tackling these challenges and focusing on data-driven solutions, you not only improve efficiency but also move towards a more customer-centered future. 


At Orange Business, we've built a strong foundation that empowers our team of data visualization experts and analysts to help clients create top-notch dashboards. Our focus is on content, user-friendliness, and overall experience, ensuring quick results and smooth transitions.

The goal for companies today is to foster data-centric organizations. At its core, achieving data-centricity hinges on nurturing a unified data vision and language – a pivotal component in the dynamic realm of data management.    The recurring challenges faced in data-related projects, whether they involve technology or organization, highlight the vital need for the right data culture.

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