Data Strategy

In the last decade, global data volume has grown exponentially, posing a pressing challenge for businesses to fully leverage this invaluable resource within their information systems. The implementation of a robust data strategy is paramount in ensuring long-term success. 
A strong data strategy forms the foundation of all data-related choices, linking a company's strategic goals with its data initiatives. It goes beyond just technology and answers the important question: "How can data support our company's strategy?" This strategy has key components, including evaluating data maturity, finding value in data, setting rules for data governance, and clearly defining roles for managing data. 

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BI Platform for a company data-centric

Ingenico group is a global leader in seamless payment. They provide smart, trusted and secure solutions to empower commerce across all channels: in store, online and on mobile.

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Developing an effective data strategy remains a common challenge for many businesses. Unfortunately, several companies lack a documented or holistic data strategy, often limiting it to just technology. 

To address this, it's essential for a company's executive committee to prioritize the data strategy. They play a critical role in defining the overarching vision and necessary steps for successful implementation. 

At Orange Business, we've created The Modern Data Journey framework, a crucial tool for aligning your data efforts with your company's strategy.

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  • Assessment of Company’s Data Maturity

    Assessment of Company’s Data Maturity

    Our approach is built on our Modern Data Journey framework, enabling seamless data culture integration across infrastructure, architecture, governance, and data strategy.

  • Data coachs

    Data coachs

    Whether refining data governance, delving into AI, or designing robust data architectures in the cloud, our resources guide you at every step