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More than ever CX leaders need to do more with less. They need to deliver more growth, better loyalty, better satisfaction while budget pressure and customer expectations are increasing. Today companies that lead are those who are able to monitor and analyze in real-time what really contributes to CX ROI. They do not only understand what is driving engagement, conversion, sales, satisfaction etc but also have deep insights on the cost efficiency of customer journeys and CRM processes.  

To accelerate the delivery of those insights to business users, companies are combining traditional BI & Analytics approaches with more pre-built analytics platforms. These of the shelve platforms are purpose-built and specialize in analyzing specific aspects of CX. The aim to deliver insights to business faster and at the same time reduce to workload on data & IT teams


Our customer references


Clarins Group works smoother with a powerful Central Customer Data Hub

Clarins is a family-run French multinational cosmetics company, operating in over 150 countries and is Europe's number one luxury skincare brand

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Chatbot at Belfius Insurance delivers cutting-edge customer service

To enable its employees to respond to customer questions more efficiently, Belfius Insurance invested in a live chatbot to answer frequently asked questions.

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Customer Data Hub for real-time communication

Thalys is a French-Belgian high-speed train operator in France, Belgium, German & the Netherlands.

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How to improve customer relations using customer DNA at Carrefour

Consumers have an abundance of choice today, and retailers must ensure they have the right experience in-store but also persuade them to return time & time again. Carrefour was looking to be supported in their Omnichannel customer vision.

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In the business world, many companies can track their performance, but very few can consistently understand what drives customer behavior and business outcomes. This challenge includes:


  • Customer data and performance metrics scattered across various sources and platforms. 

  • Issues with data quality leading to incomplete insights. 

  • Heavy reliance on data and IT experts for valuable insights. 

  • Complex data that's difficult for non-technical staff to grasp. 

  • Business analysts struggling to interpret cross-channel customer journeys and the impact of key events. 

  • Challenges in connecting customer behavior with CRM processes and costs. 

  • Turning insights into practical actions is often a struggle. 


Unleashing the Power of Valuable Insights

At Orange Business, we seamlessly integrate data analytics and artificial intelligence, offering unparalleled insights for our clients. Our CX & CRM analytics solutions empower businesses to realize substantial enhancements, often achieving remarkable improvements of 10 to 30% in customer journey optimization and CRM processes.

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At Orange Business, we specialize in enabling companies with delivering insight in following categories 

  • Cross-CRM : Understanding how customers journeys are attributed to KPI’s, completing these insights with customer feedback & satisfaction data.  

  • Marketing : Delivering insights on campaign and channel performance, to be able to analyze the marketing funnel, to gain insights from customer profiles and segments and finally, to understand the key drivers of product and offer performance. 
  • Social media : To be able to monitor volumes, engagement, and sentiment to optimize social media activities. 

  • Sales : To analyze sales forecasting and performance, and loyalty vs sales effort  

  • For customer service and claims : The ability to track service performance, claims, financial resolutions, and SLA’s.

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    We possess a broad expertise in CX knowledge and data sources, ranging from traditional CRM and marketing automation to advanced customer data and orchestration platforms. This knowledge is enhanced by the skills of our data and analytics specialists, enabling us to provide comprehensive CX solutions.

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    Broad Industry Expertise

    Broad Industry Expertise

    Our knowledge extends across a wide spectrum of industries, encompassing retail, travel, financial services, and more.