Afterwork - NGO & Data Governance

How building a data catalog is helping an immature organization to reshape their approach to data management?

Thomas Tricart, data governance manager for GAVI, will present the new processes, the organization (roles and responsibilities), and the qualitative discussions that are enabled thanks to the improvements unlocked by their improving data catalog. 

The speech will be followed by a networking drink (drinks to be paid by the participants).

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Thomas Tricart        

About the speaker

Thomas is a former management consultant and became the data governance manager for Gavi one year ago. Originally from France, he has lived and worked in France, Switzerland, and Singapore. 

He began his career as a management consultant, advising organizations on organizational transformation, and change management. He then transitioned into the role of a data project manager. In this capacity, he led a cross-functional team, overseeing data initiatives, system implementations, and analytics projects. After two years, he specialized in data governance. As a data governance manager, he is in charge of the data policies and collaborate closely with stakeholders across the organization.

Outside of work, he enjoys cycling in the Alps, and spending times with his family. 




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