Better Experience with a new Data Portal for Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij

Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij, Flanders Environment Agency  is an agency of the Flemish government working towards a better environment in Flanders. Water, air and the environment are the three domains in which VMM is active and wants to deep dive in.

The VMM (Vlaamse Milieu Maatschappij) had the ambition to create a centralized portal where all their data would be stored, validated and continuously enriched.

This portal needed to be tailor-made for each type of audience: universities, Research & Development Companies, students, ...

The purpose for this centralization was to create visual dashboards and offer services to support initiatives and projects around the VMM for internal and external usage.

In order to achieve this, two major components are developed: an internal data cluster and a portal that is oriented towards both internal and external use with the requirements listed below:

  • the need to be user-friendly & intuitive regardless of the device
  • easily scalable on new themes, target group & external sources, APIs, webservices
  • ensure the VMM is a key solution-oriented partner in particular for local authorities

Orange Business supported the VMM in develop the portal within their data platform. The following output was achieved

  • a design for the portal, visually presented using mock-ups
  • 3 data portal demonstrations with test environments were made available for the VMM (PowerBI, Tableau Spotfire, Adobe XD) to allow them to measure the benefits they could gain from each solution
  • A UX analysis that allowed the VMM to better understand their needs and their target group's needs

Orange Business proposed to combine two of their expertise: “Data analysis & Visualisation”  and “ Digital experience”, to provide recommendations the recommendations. As a result, we proposed a new, more user-friendly graphic approach in line with their end-user needs.