Data Analysis contributes to Safe & Efficient Shipping in the Port of Antwerp

The Port of Antwerp is responsible for the infrastructure and organisation of the second largest port in Europe, and the port with the largest lock in the world. Every year its staff successfully oversee the voyages and visits of up to 15 000 sea-going ships and 60 000 inland vessels

With the huge amount of data collected every day, the Port of Antwerp wanted to become the “Port of Analytics” and create new insights from it. The client wanted to track in real-time & observe the vessels behaviors to optimize the shipping traffic.  

Orange Business team processed all AIS signals to a real-time Data Lake and historize all data. They then implemented advanced analytics (heatmaps, collision, signal black spots, container recognition). 

  • Easier identification & anticipation of the shipping traffic identify & anticipate the shipping traffic. 
  • Better optimisation of the operations chain. 
  • Possibility to extend and create new combination