How to create dashboards that can be read and understood by all (finally!)

In a world where the amount of data is growing exponentially, it is becoming increasingly difficult to design efficient and effective dashboards. How then can marketing managers, department heads and leaders use Dataviz to successfully conceive and create efficient, easy-to-read dashboards?

Where to start to set up an efficient dashboard?

These 5 elements are key to creating an efficient dashboard. The next time you open a dashboard, simply remind yourself of these 5 points and all associated questions.

Where to start to set up an efficient dashboard

If the answers to the questions are not satisfactory, or if you identify with the dialogue mentioned above, then the issue is quite probably one that concerns you.

  • Draw up a list of departments facing this type of issue
  • Organise a brainstorming workshop for the departments in question
  • Avail yourself of the services of a Data Artist, if necessary

Data Artists – whose role is to visually and concretely showcase data – have the expertise to help you quickly solve the problem.

In a future article, I will get into the specifics of the proven method used by our consultants to collect needs. Collecting needs within the context of dashboard design, is not as simple as making a list. No, to be efficient, you must structure your approach, not get bogged down in details and most importantly…challenge, always challenge your audience.


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Jean-Philippe Favre
Data artist