Digital in a Minute - What is Data Governance?

Data governance is essentially about ensuring accountability for a company's data. It's not just about where the data is stored; it's about understanding and managing the responsibilities for data across the entire organization. This involves setting up dedicated processes and implementing specific tools.

Orchestrating Company Resources

Think of data governance as the orchestration of a company's resources to manage data as a valuable asset and extract maximum value from it. It goes beyond being an IT topic or a one-time project. Instead, it's a continuous, transformative process that needs consistent monitoring.

Not Just IT, Not Just a Project

Contrary to common misconceptions, data governance is not solely an IT matter, and it's not just a temporary project. While tools and technologies may assist, data governance primarily revolves around people, processes, and skills. It's about integrating data-related activities into the core business of a company.

Unlock the World of Data Governance in our one minute video

Our expert, Julien Tagnon, provides comprehensive insights in our video, offering a more in-depth understanding of how data governance can revolutionize your business strategy.