Marketing and artificial intelligence: seven current trends

Over recent years we have seen a steady increase in the powers of artificial intelligence(AI). Every sector is affected, to a greater or lesser extent. But there is (and will continue to be) one on which will have a massive impact: marketing.

How does that work?

These new applications are based on various techniques, in particular machine learning. In general terms, machine learning is a technique allowing the machine to test various situations, and to find out performance via the independent analysis of one or more KPIs.

Among other examples we find deep learning which makes it possible to recognise images, people, facial emotions, objects…

The impact of artificial intelligence on marketing is a very broad subject and far from mature. New functions will appears over the coming years. Unified customer experience platforms (Adobe Experience Cloud, Salesforce, Octave…) too will continue to incorporate new AI functionalities into their solutions, whether bought in or developed internally.

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About the author

Kévin Vancappel
Technological innovation