Generative AI: Visa for a more interactive digital future

While the concept of generative AI is not new, and even less so is artificial intelligence, the real ChatGPT revolution is not so much in the technology itself as in its ability to target a very broad audience. So how can we facilitate the deployment and adoption of generative AI in business? You'll find out in this white paper.

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Generative AI, the leading edge of corporate innovation

It's hard to miss the ChatGPT trend, so much so that the tool has featured strongly in the headlines since its launch. In addition to the numerous associated use cases, OpenAI's solution is particularly appealing for its accessibility and the quality of its natural language.

It didn't take long for generative AI to spread beyond the walls of the enterprise. We are at the dawn of a new stage in digital transformation. Generative AI is the forerunner of an unprecedented wave of innovation, which will challenge many business models and force companies to rethink their strategy.



What you will find in this white paper
  • Generative AI Development: Impact on Businesses
  • The core technologies of Generative AI 
  • The main players in the Generative AI Market
  • Impacts & Challenges of Generative AI on businesses
  • Focus on business use cases
  • Adopting Generative AI: the right methodology 
  • Conclusion

Generative AI is on the point of re-defining the human-machine dialogue, disrupting the position and role of technology in the digital world, and more broadly reinventing language production and creative processes. Businesses need to get to grips with these new tools today, and regulate their use in order to limit abuses while facilitating their adoption. This is why it's essential to support Generative AI deployment & adoption, this is all the purpose of this white paper, that you can access directly below.

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