Clarins Group works smoother with a powerful Central Customer Data Hub

Clarins is a family-run French multinational cosmetics company, operating in over 150 countries and is Europe's number one luxury skincare brand

Clarins Group needed a 360° customer view across channels, brand and countries. With 4 brands in 30 different countries, the Group was struggling with customers, sales & product information scattered over more than a hundred unlinked data silo’s and a poorly locally organized campaign management.  

The client also wanted to work on a better image coherence on a group level and needed more control from the corporate level on local marketing.  

Orange Business supported Clarins Group and integrated over 100 silos into a powerful Central Customer Data Hub. 

This Central Customer Data Hub added a secure & personalized interface for customer care & services with a tailored view per brand and country. Furthermore, it made sure that this qualitative data could be capitalized in near-real-time with an efficient cross-channel campaign management system, with a group level coherence. 

Thanks to the services provided by Orange Business, Clarins Group now can benefit from: 

  • a faster response time 
  • a more efficient & professional workflow 
  • brand coherence and increased customer knowledge 
  • a full focus for Marketers on their core tasks and not mining data