A more coherent expression for Nespresso

Nespresso is a subsidiary of the Nestlé group. Positioned on the market of coffee in pods, it offers machines using aluminum capsules

Nespresso wanted to add more coherence and harmonization in their campaigns across several countries and channels. They wanted to fully exploit their top campaign management tool with proper internal human resources and decided to internalize the campaign management processes and reassess the underlying tool.

Orange Business team made sure that all the campaign management processes – which used to be implemented on external tools – were now all centralized in one solution in a coherent manner. On top of that, it ensured that the multichannel approach was much more systemic, speaking with one, personalized, voice over in its different media.  

The most talented internal staff members were then selected & trained. 

Some benefits from the adapted campaign management environment 

  • enhanced Nespresso’s internal messaging control & budget efficiency 
  • boosted image coherence on a group level 
  • tailored & relevant customer messaging across the globe