Tailor-made insights for the right customer

As a leading European provider of people solutions, SD Worx turns HR into a source of value for their customers’ business and the people that work for them. SD Worx delivers people solutions across the entire employee lifecycle, from paying employees to attracting, rewarding and developing the talent who make businesses succeed. SD Worx powers performance through four core capabilities: technology, outsourcing, expertise and data-driven insights.

More than 76,000 small and large organisations across the globe place their trust in SD Worx and its +75 years' worth of experience. SD Worx offers its people solutions in 150 countries, calculates the salaries of approximately 5 million employees and ranks among the top five worldwide.

SD Worx knew that Data & HR Analytics was an area to deep-dive in, so that they could help their customers even more and generate more business from those services.

What they did was an extensive research within their customer community, having quite some interviews with them, trying to understand their needs. And what they learned was that customers were looking to improve their analytics. Not only with their HR data at hand but also compiling it with other company data & metrics into something more meaningful.

These findings led SD Worx to Cloud Data Platform solutions. As these give possibilities to access data in new ways than before, where customers spent quite some time in laborious tasks. Exporting data from source systems to Excel for example.

Some of the specific challenges SD Worx & Orange Business tackled in the project were:

  • The geographical expansions & acquisitions in the past years make that the landscape of products was not yet harmonized everywhere (on data products for example)
  • The complexity of local payroll systems. As payroll is intrinsically connected to local employment laws, fiscality, etc. SD Worx' generic data products needed to be able to work within these restrictions

Main benefits of the methodology & technology chosen:

  • Speed & efficiency of the implementation
  • Short time to market: 1 implementation per country OR system instead of per customer
  • Specific features for securing & sharing (or blocking) data via the Cloud allow the build of a multi-tenant solution
  • Scalability of the solution

SDWorx' Customers' benefits:

  • Access to a wide scale of HR metrics which enables them to become more Data-Centric
  • A solution that enables them to combine their HR KPI's with own company datasets for improved analytics in their own environment
  • Availability of complementary services from SDWorx to become even better in Data Driven HR Management