Sovereign Cloud, Self-service

Organizations must address data sovereignty and localization concerns promptly. Sovereign Cloud services are in demand, both in national and European contexts. Many customers are looking to move workload and data from the public cloud to local cloud solutions, to secure and safeguard current (and future) compliance requirements.  


Our customer references

Migration and Managed Services to offload the DevOps team

Migration and Managed Services to offload the DevOps team

In an increasingly digital and rapidly changing world students all over the world have embraced online and digital content as a smart way to reduce costs and to be efficient when studying. Allvit AS is a company that provides digital learning solutions to students in Norway. The company started their cloud journey with Orange Business as their trusted MSP partner during spring 2022. The starting point of this DevOps collaboration was a business-critical migration project of a digital product/solution.

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Bokbasen CI-CD Pipeline – Case Study

Bokbasen CI/CD Pipeline – Case Study

Utilizing Infrastructure as Code technology (IaC), Orange Business and Bokbasen can automate the deployment of infrastructure, application services and CD/CD pipelines across environments.

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Smart charging services: enabling fast growth for green mobility

What happens when a former oil industry supplier becomes a major contributor to the electric vehicle movement? With Orange Business on board, Zaptec is revolutionizing electric car charging.

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Clarins Group works smoother with a powerful Central Customer Data Hub

Clarins is a family-run French multinational cosmetics company, operating in over 150 countries and is Europe's number one luxury skincare brand

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Sovereign Cloud, Self-service provides an easy entry to secure cloud services that will be hosted in a local data center. gives you the ability to choose how you work with us, giving you access to the tools and resources you need to start using Sovereign Cloud. Our solution is the next generation cloud service that gives you flexibility, and innovation opportunities in an on-prem environment.  

The platform is built on VMWare Cloud Director, recognized and one of the fastest developing technology stacks for local cloud. It offers futureproof technology and an integrated marketplace with verified pre-configured and automated service images and features from approved 3rd-party vendors. 


The solution allows elastic provisioning of network, storage, and compute resources. You can quickly adapt the available resources to changing business needs and only pay for the resources allocated at any given time. The Platform is easily accessible through a web interface, API or IaC solutions such as Terraform. We provide this service from local data centers in Norway, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands at this point, but the footprint is expanding. 

Why choose Orange Business?

We provide platform and management services for critical cloud applications, building and running the solutions, employing world-class, secure, scalable, and cost-effective environments, on private, public or hybrid cloud.

  • Operational Excellence - having been a digital native company operating mission-critical services for the past 20 years and with datacenters in Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany, we can combine local, private, and public cloud environments in a true hybrid-cloud delivery.
  • Award-winning “Customer First” approach, proven and praised by customers and analysts alike. We are a reliable partner, always there when you need us, and with real-life customer cases that back up our claims.
  • True Native Digital Culture: enabling fast and agile customer engagements, while being an attractive employer of top-skilled people. You always have access to certified local roles as Project Managers, System Architects, Security Experts etc.
  • We bring robust IT-security and regulatory compliance to your business, by means of sovereign data solutions, security frameworks, and crucial certifications like ISAE 3402, SOC II, PCI-DSS, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001…